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Paper Dolls with Plastic Faces
I color all my paper dolls with plastic faces
and keep my wishes in jars on a shelf
My shoes always have untied laces
and everything I wear seems to look better on the hourglass figure of somebody else
We look a little rough but we don't look faded
and It's only the walk that makes us look tough
Our jeans are holey and are converse are painted
with stains from rain and walking through the rough
We never tell you just what we're thinking
but you'll never catch us thinking at an idle pace
Our eyes are seeing what everyone's being
Fake as the memories that they chase
And my mind doesn't register what you are saying
I'm mentally not even seeing your face
It's not perfection that we aim for
it's the essence of what's right and wrong
my image is what it will always be
Deception nowadays is called being free
You can do what you want, you can lie to me
Just tell me what I want to hear
Make me think what I want to believe
because I can't cry another lousy tear
I think of the fireflies that bl
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As Empty as I may Seem
We'd like to think we're sent from heaven
but some of us didn't fall on our own accord.  
Our hearts are infected and black like a raven
but we can't heal and there's no help we can afford.  
Our memory is like flavor that gets stuck on our tongues
So we can't move on and hope that things can change one day
That someday we'll make it and our lives will unfreeze
We'll keep going on and be free
but our smiles are cold and they don't offer hope
We wanted to inspire but the spite has left the world
Now all we do is sing at the cold, dead, souls
The light that we glow is changing colors
Our eyes are empty but our minds are full
We cry and we scream but you can't understand me!
I'm just trying to live my only goal
I want to be seen and I want to be followed
My words aren't as empty as I may seem
At the end of the road I just want to find home.
Telling you what I'm afraid of, what I love and what I'm made of
seems as pointless as driving down a dead end street
I'm sick of
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Three Parts Dead
Through the cracked door the story began
with tears on the paper and a razor in your hand
You pulled apart your flesh and didn't even hesitate
I wonder what I've done to make you self-medicate
Is this all my fault?  Maybe I'm just dreaming!
I punched the wall to see if it would wake me
And by now, I wish I could see,
that this wasn't because of me.
I'd rather hear you cry than cry on your coffin
I'm sorry that the last time I didn't understand
These things that I've seen, the lies that I've created
were all because your hardships are hard to withstand
I never thought you'd really need for me to aid you
I just hid from what I never wanted to feel.  
To fear love is to fear life,
and those who fear life
are already three. parts. dead.
I went for a drive and pushed the petal all. the way. down.  
I don't want to see what's wrong with me
I don't want to feel unworthy of you accusing me
I walk through the door and you're all alone
You could hear me calling but
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Heartbreak is my Cancer
This boy saw this girl when they were young
He sat by her on the swings and it begun
She was a blond and brown eyed girl
He was an obnoxious playful boy
At three years old romance didn't appeal
but at 15 that's all they could feel
He sent her a CD full of his songs
She listened to it all night long
She was never one to fall like this
for a boy she hadn't seen in ages
He smiled at her one day and she almost crashed
It's impossible to imagine a feeling like that
He was just a high school guy
but I was hooked in a blink of an eye
and I don't wanna go one day without you
This disease is the only cure
Heartbreak is my type of cancer
Love is the steroid in my blood
His words are simple
but the chorus unique
at 24 that's the song he wrote about me
the words were sweet and the riffs were lovely
he took my hand and kissed me sweetly
'baby; I don't wanna go one day without you
This disease is the only cure
Heartbreak is my type of cancer
Love is the steroid in my blood
This treatment was all mad
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